Calpe, Alicante

Calpe, Alicante





What to do in Calpe

Calpe is one of the few destinations in Spain where the sea meets the mountains. Beaches with fine and infinite sand, breathtaking coves on the mountains to discover and the emblematic Peñon de Ifach. Every step is a memory made. The essential part of the Mediterranean sea: Clean beaches, calid and crystalline water, green mountains, high standard gastronomy specializing in the “mediterranean diet” and cozy hospitable people. That is Calpe.


Calpe counts with one of the most important historical centers of the area. The footprint of ancient civilizations is still present in the area. The hot springs and the showers of a queen known as “Vila de Ifac”. Today, places such as la Torre de Pecca (tower of pecca), historical buildings and wall in the old town are well preserved.
Calpe is also known for its cultural diversity and activities starting with its museums; if you like shopping Calpe offers local traditional products and little captivating markets. It is indeeda unique destination for its festivities such as: Moros y Cristianos, Las Hogueras de San Juan, Beer festival, Andalucia fair and its local parties that can shows its old traditions and culture.


Almost like the name of our Boutique Hostel, it says it all: more than 2,800 hours – 320 days of sun. 13 kilometers of fine sand, 14 beaches and 3 nautical clubs with wide capacity of moorings. Here you can practice a variety of sports related to the sea.

Calpe is a reference for scuba diving, windsurf, kitesurf, sailing and more. The Peñon separates the city in two; To the north of el Peñon we can find beaches such as Levante or La Fossa and coves such as: Penyal, Mallorquin or de les Bassetes ideal for scuba diving. On the south side we can find Arenal-Bol beach, Raco cove, Cantal Roig, Morello cove and further down we can also enjoy of Manzanera cove and other beaches such as Puerto Blanco, Les Urques, Gasparet and el Collao.



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